Who's Your Farmer?
Jason, Carrie, Makenzie and Kelly Tessier
We started farming in 1999 in Skowhegan, Maine.  We have grown and expanded through the years in order to meet the needs of our community.  We love to chat about farming especially new ideas -good or bad, share our experiences, and help others. Our desire was to move forward in farming by  building a state inspected processing facility in 2009. This gave us the opportunity  to provide other families with naturally raised meats besides just our own.  We have the ability to provide high quality fresh (or frozen) meat for our customers in the centeral maine area .

  We specialize in Poultry and Rabbit. We raise heritage breed chickens, broilers, rabbits,  muscovey ducks, and  turkeys.  We also raise a few beef and pork.  All of animals
are raised natually in pastures, chicken tractors, or the barn. We take pride in our farm and we stand behind our quality.

So, Who's your farmer?

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