Welcome to Tessier Farm!
We absolutely love animals and knowing where our food comes from. It's why we started farming in 1999!  We were concerned about our food source and where it was coming from so we decided the best way was to try raising some for ourselves.

All of our animals are raised naturally and well taken care of with a lot love! We started with a beef critter and then it snowballed from there. The difference in taste was unbelieveable compared to commerically raised. We decided to keep going and added pork and chicken to our little homestead. As our homestead grew over the years we had a desire to share this great source of food with our community.  One event which helped our little farm grow was Maine Maple Sunday. Sugar making was a small hobby we started during the spring months about 11 yrs ago. Our girls enjoyed the sweet syrup and it has now become the biggest event at the farm.
We've been in business for more than 15 years and a key member of our local community, with everyday regulars and new customers coming back time after time. Our farm store is warm and cozy. A great place to stop and take in the farm scenery and talk about life on the farm!
We also love to educate and often host a number of workshops during the year either at the farm or off the farm. Educating our community on eating fresh and knowing where your food comes from has been our main goal.  
In 2009 we were licensed to process rabbits at the farm in our state inspected facility.  We were excited to be able to provide this great easy source of protein for our customers.  In 2011 legislature passed allowing us to process poultry as well. This was great news and kept our farm growing with livestock and customers. We are extremely proud to turn out beautiful poultry and offer different cuts to our customers.  We also provide custom pork processing. Let us process your pig! Call for an appointment!

Fast forward to 2017 and we have a small scale dairy as well. It was the last piece we felt we wanted share was MILK!. We have enjoyed every day of milking our cows. They are like family. Although we do not have a big herd each girl is special and provides great quality milk. 

Being able to offer a wide variety of products makes our farm diversifed and worth a trip!  You can pick up your milk, eggs, cheese and meat all in one stop! 

Looking forward to seeing you!  

The Tessiers 

Hours of Operation
Farm Store Hours:
WED 12-5 PM
337 Malbons Mills Rd
Skowhegan, ME 04976